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Vegan Letterbox Spa Gift Set
Vegan Letterbox Spa Gift Set

Vegan Letterbox Spa Gift Set

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A Luxurious Personalised Vegan Letterbox Spa collection of handmade bath and body products, perfect for a relaxing pamper sustainable gift for her.

Spoil someone you know who needs a little me time and treat them to their own wonderfulIy indulgent personalised home spa experience, with five vegan products lovingly wrapped in our signature card and muslin packaging, all presented in a box that will fit through a standard letterbox.

Each letterbox spa contains:

a 35g vegan solid moisturiser lotion bar

50g bath soak in a muslin bag

35g hand poured vegan soap

two hand poured vegan plant wax essential oil scented tea light candles

two vegan bath madeleines (bath melts)

Gift wrapping is available and a personalised message can also be included typed on a tag or handwritten note in seeded card .  Plant our cards and with a little love and attention they will grow into beautiful wildflowers. A fantastic way to send some love and do our bit for our planet.

The melts and salts come in plant based compostable and biodegradable clear bags. These bags are made in the UK from NATIVIA® film that has been accredited to EN 13432 and ‘OK biobased’. They are made from Plant Based (annually renewable) PLA derived from vegetable starches (cornstarch) and are compostable and biodegradable. Biodegradation occurs at end of life once exposed to moisture, heat and naturally occurring bacteria / fungi when it will break down into compost (not micro plastics). The melts themselves are in small paper cake cases.

Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
Lovely gift!

Sent to my friend and she loved it!

Delighted goddaughter

Our goddaughter loved the gift and was soaking in the bath within hours. Thanks for something a little bit different and gorgeous smell. Delivered by the promised date.

Pamela Hetherington

A Spa gift box came through the letter box from a dear friend - and it’s perfect! The wrapping, the gift tag, and most importantly - the smells are all gorgeous.

Lauren G
Lovely collection

Lovely collection and beautifully wrapped

Lauren G
happy granddaughter

This was a present I had a happy granddaughter on the phone to say thank you.