Five reasons why you should use Bath salts…..and Two ways to use them in your shower

Five reasons why you should use Bath salts…..and Two ways to use them in your shower

Bath salts contains 21 minerals including magnesium, calcium, sulphur, bromide, iodine, sodium, zinc and potassium. The minerals can be poorly absorbed through the stomach, however they are easily absorbed through the skin. Magnesium is the second most abundant element in human cells.

  1. Detox bath

Sprinkle bath salts into your bath to create a detox bath, as Dead sea end Epsom salts are believed to help remove toxins from the body to improve your health, relieve stress, treat constipation, assist with weight loss and also make your skin look smoother.

  1. Muscle aches

Bath salts can help with muscle aches by relaxing tense muscles and reducing inflammation.

  1. Skin inflammation or irritation

Bath salts can be used to relieve skin inflammation and irritation caused by eczema, psoriasis, contact dermatitis, and athlete’s foot. The National Eczema Association recommends adding 1 cup of table salt to your bath during a flare-up to help prevent stinging when bathing.

  1. Dry or itchy skin

You can use bath salts to relieve dry and itchy skin, including itching caused by insect bites and poison ivy.

  1. Arthritis

The Arthritis Foundation recommends soaking and stretching in a warm Epsom salt bath to help relieve stiff and aching joints and for relief of muscle soreness after exercising.

No Bath?

In the shower

You can still use bath salts and enjoy some of the benefits they provide even if you don’t have a bath. Simply make a shower scrub as follows:

  1. Use 4 to 1 or 3 to 1 ratio mix of salt to oil (almond oil, olive oil, or coconut oil, and 1 tablespoon of vitamin E oil.)
  2. Mix the ingredients in a bowl, creating a thick paste.
  3. Apply some of the scrub to your body using your hands.
  4. Rinse off.

Foot soak

There are several benefits to using bath salts in a foot soak. Use bath salts in a foot soak to:

  • relieve symptoms of athlete’s foot
  • treat toenail fungus
  • relieve gout pain and inflammation
  • eliminate foot odour

Soaking your feet in a warm salt bath also makes it easier to exfoliate dry, cracked heels. You can use the shower scrub recipe above to help remove dead skin and calluses.

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