Our Story

Our story starts with me, Marion, Marigold’s founder.  My father was an Agricultural Research Scientist and worked for the European Environmental Research Organisation, so I grew up keenly aware of impact we have on our planet. My mother taught me about plants and how we can use them to our benefit.   Finding a lack of affordable cruelty free, ethical and sustainable products on the market, that were gentle on my body, Marigold was born. 

As a biologist I approach product formulation by marrying science with nature to makes organic ethical bath and body products.  Our range is based on growing customer demand for cruelty free, sustainable, organic, wellbeing products. More recently we have also developed a vegan range of solid moisturisers and bath melts, to satisfy both customer demand and our own values.

Marigold’s products have been created by harnessing organic, natural, ingredients. They can be personalised to make thoughtful gifts for every occasion.

We use ethically sourced, naturally derived and sustainable ingredients infused with organic essential oils. None of our products or constituent ingredients are tested on animals.

The company’s environmental impact is minimised by using recycled or compostable packaging, meaning zero consumer waste.